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Alpine Herdsires
Pleasant-Grove Mink Maestro is an exciting new Alpine herdsire to the HazyDay herd. Maestro was imported from Bandit & Hoach's Alpines in The USA. Maestro is co-owned with Little Creek Hill Alpines where he resides. For this reason HazyDay will not be offering him for stud service.
Name: Pleasant-Grove Mink Maestro
DOB: Feb 6 2007
CAN REG #: [CAN]A112317
USA REG #: [USA]A1410318
Birth Size:

~Progeny In Herd~
    SS: *B Pleasant-Grove Liason Superior
  Sire: *B Pleasant-Grove Super Standout
    SD: SGCH Stardust Cordite Saba 13*M FS:93
Pleasant Grove Mink Maestro (D.O.B. Feb 6, 2007)
    DS: *B Pleasant-Grove Liason Superior
  Dam: SGCH Pleasant-Grove Super Mink FS:91
    DD: Pleasant Grove SSR Mint 10 *M FS:88

“Maestro comes from a herd that has had recent success with very respectable placings on the US National show level. His dam who scored EX was 1st place aged doe at the National level and has proven herself through many beautiful EX appraising daughters.

The first Maestro daughters freshened in the spring of 2009 and are pictured. Maestro can be counted on to produce offspring of desired width and constitution, in particular, he can be counted on to increase bone, width in the chest and front end and fullness and tightness to the elbows. His daughters show increased spring and breath through the rib cage as well. Strength of pasterns and rear leg angulation have been very desirable.

In his milking daughters, Maestro has proven himself very well. His daughters have extremely solid and correct mammary systems with desirable shape, extremely strong rear udders in height and width, strong tight foreudders,
and correct size, delineation and placement of teats. Maestro can be used to his best advantage on does that are tall and long bodied as he cannot always be counted on to improve stature and length.” - Randy Hoach -
Hoach's PGMM Lilly's Crossing (Daughter)
^   SGCH Pleasant-Grove Super Mink LA91 (DAM)
Text and photos used with permisson from OC Flock website.